Parable of the Sower & Spiritual Disciplines

by Jonathan Bailey

Below are key thoughts from Dallas Willard’s sermon of the parable of the Sower. Enjoy.

Seeds have life in them.

The word of the kingdom is a life force.

1st Seed
What you don’t understand you forget. If you don’t understand something it is gone!

2nd Seed
The person who has heard the word of the kingdom and begins to see that it isn’t going to fix their problems is out the door.

They don’t want to hear about victory in troubles.

Sorrow does not exclude joy. (2 Corinthians 6:3-10)

3rd Seed
The plant does not die, it just grows up in the shade of wealth and self.

Spiritual disciplines are ways we react with the reality of the kingdom.

A discipline is something that is in your power that enables you to accomplish what you cannot do by direct effort.

For example: If you don’t know spanish you can’t speak it by trying. You cannot sit down at the piano and play Beethoven by just trying.

But, there are things that if you would do them, you would be able to do that.

Disciplines are true artistically, physically and spirituality.

“Thy word I have hid in my heart so that I may not sin against Thee.”

Practice is where the kingdom of God comes in.