Can We Be Dedicated to 5?

by Jonathan Bailey

Can we be dedicated to prayer?
Can we be dedicated to eating and drinking the life of Jesus?
Can we be dedicated to drenching our minds in Scripture?
Can we be dedicated to serving the less fortunate?
Can we be dedicated to silence and solitude?

This fall will be enthusiastically committed to providing creative experiments in these 5 essential disciplines. I really believe if we practice these at least as much as we eat ice cream, play tennis and jog around the block we will, by the Spirit of Jesus be more and more transformed into His glorious image. The World is waiting for the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. May we start to show up and make a difference in the name of Jesus.

Can we be dedicated to these disciplines? Is it too hard? Is it to crazy to ask that we put these disciplines into practice? Could a suburban group of people become disciples of Jesus and mean it? Would we be ashamed? Would we only talk about it with each other? Or could we share our lives with others who are desperately searching for something real and significant?

I wonder what would happen?