To Change the World Change the Rules

by Jonathan Bailey

Oportunity International

Oportunity International


Josh introduced me to this organization on Thursday and I thought I would do the same for you. is a website that has partnered with Opportunity International to bring poor hardworking entrepreneurs and you together for an amazing purpose. What they are doing is called micro-finance. What that means is you will find someone who needs $250 to buy a scooter that will enable him/her to deliver more pastries and thus make more money. With this simple loan this poor family has a chance to break the cycle of poverty they have been living in for their entire life. 


In general poorer people in developing countries have no access to loans through an established bank, but only through a local ‘loan shark.’ When they borrow from a loan shark this person ends up charging them an enormous interest rate and therefore whatever profits they were hoping to make from this investment is devoured by the loan shark. So it just creates a big cycle of poverty for people who are actually working hard.


The cool thing about the entire site is, when you loan the money, they are responsible for paying it back with interest. This may seem wrong, but it isn’t. These people aren’t looking for hand out, they are looking for a way out and micro-finance accomplishes that for them. 98% of all micro-finance loans are paid back! Why? Because for these entrepreneurs this is their one chance to break the cycle of poverty. Once the loan is paid back, Opportunity International turns around and invests that loan into another business person! Now we have a cycle of hope, instead of a cycle of poverty.


To Change the World Change the Rules.  I hope you will consider being a part of 


Seek the Kingdom,