Book Review: The Challenge of the Disciplined Life

by Jonathan Bailey


* * * *

Great book! Every person who is living the disciplined life knows that the major challenges you face in real concrete living is: money, sex and power. That is why I found this book helpful. Richard gives you a great understanding of the dark side of money, sex and power; and also the light side of money, sex and power. One thing he helps you understand is the important distinction of ‘use’ versus ‘abuse.’ It’s okay to use money but it is not oaky to abuse money. For the disciple of Jesus it’s about learning how to use things wisely.

In the discussion on money he tells us that money is inherently evil. Now, I have never heard that before. But he makes a great argument that money is ruled and animated by the forces of evil and is vying for worship. He says that the only time Jesus personified a sin was with money. He calls it mammon which means a rival god. This rival god wants our obedience, worship and adoration. So, Richard says, we shouldn’t just believe that money is neutral, but rather it is evil and vying for our worship. I found it very interesting and helpful.

I would read Celebration of Discipline first and then move on to this next. It was a great follow up and is a very useful tool for those following the Jesus Way.