Stirring Up Christ

by Jonathan Bailey

The real concrete things that stir up Jesus in my life are:


early mornings

coffee and liquid creamer

my Bible

The Gospel of Mark



Quoting Psalm 23

Smelling rain before it falls

seeing dying leaves

planting flowers, bushes and trees

watching flowers, bushes and trees grow

Talking with Kori about the Bible

Poetry I actually understand 

My study


My big leather chair

Listening to John Piper preach

Reading Dallas Willard books

Listening to Dallas Willard talk about discipleship

Watching the sunrise on my patio

Watching the sunset on my patio

Romans 5

Talking with Josh, Terry and Zach

Eating bread and drinking wine


Solitary places

Desperate prayers

Conversations with Ryan Eager


Friday mornings at Starbucks with the guys

Memorizing scripture

Reading Eugene Peterson

Reading Richard Foster

Thinking with C.S. Lewis

Read on rainy days

Giving cheeseburgers to homeless people

Hugging a smelly homeless person

Listening to sermons on the way to work


What do you do?