This Hour Can Be Heaven

by Jonathan Bailey

I would like to highly recommend this book to all. If you have struggled with how to keep your mind fixed on Jesus, then this is the book for you.  It is an amazing tool in helping you accomplish that purpose. There are many things that I have already put into practice from this book and it is helping me gain ground. This book is personal and practical. It contains, first, letters from Frank Laubach to his dad and then his other small book, Game with Minutes. So you have the opportunity to see Frank’s heart behind his method. I will leave you with an excerpt from his letter dated March 9, 1930…

“Clearly, clearly my job is not to go to the town plaza and make proselytes, it is to live wrapped in God, trembling to His thoughts, burning with His passion. And, my loved one, that is the best gift you can give to your own town. I look up at this page and it is not red hot as my soul is now. It is black ink. It ought to be written with red ribbon. You will not see the tears that are falling on this typewriter, tears of a boundless joy broken loose.

The most wonderful discovery that has ever come to me is that I do not have to wait until some future time for the glorious hour. I need not sing, ‘Oh that will be glory for me’–and wait for any grave. This hour can be heaven. Any hour for any body can be as rich as God!” 

Letters by a Modern Mystic
Frank C. Laubach
Pg. 13,14