I Can’t Stop Reading Peterson

by Jonathan Bailey

I try to always keep Eugene in my regular reading schedule. The good news is he has plenty of books to last me decades. The new book I am reading is Under the Unpredictable Plant. It is an exploration in vocational holiness. As always Eugene is after bringing Christ into the everyday-ness of our lives and not just in services or sermons.

“The conditions in which we must aquire a spirituality for our vocation–an interior adequate to the exterior–are, it must be admitted, not friendly. Our vocations are bounded on one side by consumer appetites, on the other by a marketing mind-set…I do not find the emaciated (obviously thin), exhausted spirituality of institutional careerism adequate. I do not find the veneered, cosmetic spirituality of personal charisma adequate. I require something biblicaly spiritual–rooted and cultivated in creation and covenant, leaisurley in Christ, soaked in the Spirit.”

Under the Unpredictable Plant
Eugene H. Peterson
Pg 4,5