A Word on the Incarnation

by Jonathan Bailey


“‘Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let Earth receive her King! Let every heart, prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing!’ So sings the grand old Christmas carol, with the implication that now, with the coming of Jesus into our world and our lives, things are going to be really different.

Dallas Willard
The Great Omission

I must tell you that I love the Christmas season! It is hands down my favorite with fall coming in a very close second. There are so many fun things to expect and enjoy: Christmas traditions, Christmas lights, hot chocolate, cold weather (maybe snow), Christmas music, Christmas carols, and of course presents!

These are wonderful things, but I must tell you this is not the main reason I love the Christmas season. What fills my heart with joy and will at times bring me to tears is the incarnation of the Son of God: Jesus of Nazareth.

As we approach the Christmas season my hope is that I can keep the incarnation fixed in my mind–everyday. It is a mystery and a miracle; God entered human flesh and human history.

Perhaps He would consider entering my sin-polluted flesh, since He entered our sin-polluted world?

I think that is what the good news is all about!

Now, I am not going to look past all of the other great things about Christmas, but I am going to enjoy them, knowing that they are only shadows and reflections of the true greatness of Christmas: Immanuel, Go with us.