Finding Your Place of Solitude

by Jonathan Bailey

Where is your place of solitude?

Where is that place that you go to get away from people and noise. This spiritual discipline of solitude is in my mind one of the most important disciplines to practice. A place of quietness and loneliness is what we desperately need in our ipod/crowded culture.  Ipods and crowds are not bad, but they can distract us from Jesus and pull us off the Way very easily. We need something to dislodge us from these dangerous cultural paths.

This is where solitude comes in beautifully. Go and be alone. Take a Bible and journal, or perhaps you don’t want to take anything with you at all and just sit in the presence of Jesus. Go for it! What is important is that we “find a quiet place where we can read [or be] undisturbed (Foster, Life with God. 63).”

Some Solitude Spots:

Your couch at 6 am.
On your patio with a cup of coffee.
In your closet for 30 min.
In your car with the radio off meditating Psalm 23.
In a vacant parking lot during your lunch break with your Bible & journal.
By a creek with absolutely nothing.
Next to the waterfall in Allen (off Exchange behind some corporate buildings).
On a sidewalk at dusk praying for a clean heart. 
On a nature trail at sunrise (Mckinney has one off 75).
In a church sanctuary, laying on a pew.

Find your place of solitude and then GO there regularly.

“35 In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.”

Mark 1.35