by Jonathan Bailey

I fasted on Monday and I have found something out by doing it.

My ability to be annoyed and angered was greatly increased. I wanted lunch so bad. I wanted my little apple sauce cup! That reminded me of what Dallas Willard said one time, “Fasting teaches us to be sweet and strong when we don’t get our way.” 

That is exactly what I need, to be sweet. Not to be an arrogant bastard, but be gentle and sweet. Fasting it seems is the training ground where I am going to learn this. It puts me into the fight all day long. I am keenly aware of my need and I must remember to focus on Jesus and trust Him to grow the fruit of kindness and gentleness inside of me.

I realize now what a spiritual disciplined infant I am. I cannot imagine a 2 or 3 day fast! I would love to try it because I know my flesh would get very agitated. I would like to practice this again soon. I have found fasting to be a flashlight pointing out and illuminating my ugly sin. I pray that through this self-denial Jesus will change me.

And, that each day, more and more,  I will be transformed into His image.


To Honor Jesus,