Observations from Mark 5.1-20

by Jonathan Bailey

  1. The Gaderenes only hope was to bind this crazed-demonic man so he could do no more harm to himself or others. Jesus solution was to go beyond the physical–He went inside the man’s body and excercised the 2000+ demons. Jesus’ healing always starts inside and moves progressively outward until the whole person is healed, delivered–saved.
  2. Demonic forces enjoy isolating their victims.
  3. Gaderenes/Gerasenes are gentile people living on the East side of the Jordan river.
  4. No one could physically subdue this man!
  5. He was gashing/cutting himself due to the extreme possession.
  6. There seems to be some duality of conscious in this encounter. We see the man come to Jesus and worship, next we see the demons use his vocal chords to speak to Jesus.
  7. The man’s case seemed to be the strongest possession Jesus encountered in the Gospels.
  8. The touching of a grave was considered polluting. (Numbers 19.16)
  9. It’s interesting that demons can enter human beings and animals.
  10. Demons long for bodies because it is the only way they control and participate in the physical world.
  11. A Legion was 6000 Roman Soliders.
  12. The Gaderenes would rather have pigs than Jesus.
  13. Demons are quite possibly fallen angels, but angels don’t seek bodily possession because they know that “The body is for the Lord.” Human beings were built to be in-dwelt by God. So one reason demonic forces invade bodies is to distort that relationship dynamic between God the Spirit and human beings. They try to haphazardly achieve what God only can.